I want to congratulate all Global Tech staff. I have used several Web Hosting for my business in the past, both big and small, always trying to find the ideal balance between price and service. Almost always you only get one, either price or service.

To my surprise I found Global Tech, a provider that not only offer one of the best prices in the industry, but provide the best service when I need it. My downtime now is practically zero. Kudos!

Tim Barkley, Manager


It is important to use a provider that owns the infrastructure. Most web hosting companies today are resellers. It means they don't own their infrastructure. It means that in critical cases they can't resolve your issues because the solution in simply beyond their control.

Global Tech owns their entire infrastructure and they can get anything done for you. For me it makes all the difference in the world.

Lisa Whistler, Consultant


I love the flexibility offered by Global Tech. I came from a provider that got me stuck with plans for a long time. In today's world a moderns company needs to upgrade and downgrade services at the blink of an eye. Global tech gives me that flexibility!

Mr. John Anderson, Designer