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Tier 4 Datacenter with SSAE 16 and PCI DSS Certificates


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Web Hosting by GLOBALTECH

GlobalTech owns all the infrastructure and provides managed platforms and actives through a team of Special Forces Service Professionals certified by Cisco, Microsoft and Linux.

We offer 25 years of hosting experience that guarantees 99.5% uptime plus service and maintenance contracts with suppliers such as Cisco, Watchguard, Supermicro and DELL.

GlobalTech is in constant evolution, incorporating new activities and methods to comply with norms such as SOX and PCI DSS.

Global Tech Partners

Where are we?


GlobalTech Datacenter is located in a flood free zone in downtown Miami, Florida, and offers a cutting edge infrastructure including telecommunications operators, fiber loops, international cabling and direct power providers.

Center Security

24/7 on site security; magnetic card building and elevator access; biometric access to the datacenter and combination plus key locks for cage access.


GlobalTech offers redundant links through Level3, Cogent, HighWinds, Hurricane Electric, 76Telecom, AT&T, CenturyLink, FiberLight, Comcast Business and Wirelink.


Double power source using local hospitals' grids plus a 3rd power supply off site. Diesel Generators and UPSs that guarantee redundant energy.

International Link

International connectivity channels with multiple International points of presence (lower latency access to servers/services).


SSAE 16 and PCI certificates allowing compliance with HIPAA, SOX and GLB norms, plus banking regulations.


Redundant cooling system in N+1 regimen with optimized air and humidity flow. Audited annually and complying with ASHRAE guidelines.

our Statistics

GlobalTech guarantees over 99.5% uptime. Critical Suport contracts with Cisco, Watchguard, Supermicro and DELL
Ticket Respose Time
90% of all Support Tickets are answered with 24 hours from the date opened.
Add’l Free Bandwidth
GlobalTech guarantees free excess bandwidth capacity of at least 45% over the total contracted in the Data Center.

Special Forces Service


GlobalTech award-winning Special Forces SLA service is available for Cloud Computing, VPSHourly Hosting for targeted campaigns, and for Dedicated Hosting.

Global Tech Support

  1. Fully Managed Special Forces
    All alerts are automatically responded to by a member of our 24/7/365 Special Forces Service team within minutes. The team works to restore the service, identify and correct cause of the failure, and then sends a report about what they found and any suggested configuration changes.
  2. Core Managed Special Forces
    With a reduced number of services monitored, core-managed server alerts are also automatically responded to by our 24/7/365 Special Forces Service team. The service will be restored and the cause identified, and a report is sent about what was found and any suggested configuration changes.
  3. Self Managed Special Forces
    Self-managed servers include e-mail alerts from our monitoring servers at the first sign of a problem. Rest easy knowing that any service failure on your server will be found within minutes of the failure, and you will be immediately alerted.

Our Packages


VPS Hosting from

$7.50 /Month

XEN 128 500Mhz
250GB Bandwidth 
25GB Hard Disk Drive
100Mbit port speed 
128MB Ram 
24/7 Free Support 
Build your own

Cloud Computing from

$18.00 /month

1 to 6 CPUs 
up to 50TB Band
up to 500GB HDD
up to 1Gbit prt speed
up to 16GB Ram 
up to 8 IPs
Build your own

Dedicated Hosting from

$158.00 /month

up to 8 Core 2.9 GHz
up to 1Gbit prt speed
up to 6TB Hard disk 
CPanel Available
up to 512GB Ram 
up to 50TB Band 
Build your own

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