Private vs Public Clouds

Which Cloud Computing Environment Should You Choose?

With Cloud Computing you gain in scalability and flexibility when compared to a VPS or a Dedicated Server. But, should you choose a private or a public environment?

Think of cloud as being either a single tenant building or a multi tenant building.

Public cloud means that you live in a multi tenant building. You share common areas and common elements with other tenants. If your company security requirements are not as critical and if you don't mind sharing resources with other tenants, public cloud is right for you. You save by sharing and still have flexibility.

On the other hand, if security is critical, or if your operation requires compliances such as PCI or SOX, then you need a private cloud. In a private cloud environment you don't share resources. It is like living in the building by yourself. Plus it is a fully managed solution compared to a self managed of public clouds.

If you are not sure which environment best suits your operation, please reach out and we will help you decide the best solution.

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