Automated Procedures

Global Tech Launches 100% Automated Web Hosting

Long gone are the days in which you had to contract a service and wait until someone actually assembled your server. Sometimes it took days until you could actually be online. What if you wanted to do something over the weekend? Forget it!

This was very frustrating, specially when you needed testing or flash campaigns. Things were beyond our control.

Cutting Edge Technology

Thanks to state of the art new technology implemented by Global Tech you can now contract your server and be up and running in literally seconds.

Our 100% automated process will configure your server right on the spot. Not need for human interface. This means that you can contract services 24/7. Even on a Sunday at 3am. Your server will be up and running in seconds. This is technology for today's fast paced world.


No Compromising in Service

Rest assure that all of this automation has not impacted personal service. Even though our automation process will configure your machine without human intervention, Global Tech Special Forces Service Team is still on call 24/7/365. This is that if anything goes wrong you will still be able to get human support. After all, it is because of our award winning support team that we are here, and this will not change. Ever!

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