Advantages of Owning the Infrastructure

Many Web Host Providers are Resellers

Usually when searching for a web host or cloud provider many people just look at price for the type of equipment being offered. Most people don't actually research if the provider is just a reseller or if it owns and manages its own infrastructure.

What are the differences?.

When you contract your services from a reseller you might not, in some cases, get the fast response service that you expect. This is because some issues are beyond the reseller's capability, and can only be performed by the infrastructure owner. Depending on the type of service agreement that the reseller has with the data center, you could potentially be in the limbo for quite a while, and there is nothing you can do about it since you have no access to the data center. When you contract services directly you can rest assure that your service provider has all the tools and capabilities to assist you with any problems that might arise right on the spot.

Another factor is that when you use a reseller you are limited and expandability and flexibility. You are only flexible to the extend of the services contracted by the reseller from the infrastructure. When you contract directly you can expende, upgrade or downgrade at the blink of an eye.

That makes all the difference in the world and could be crucial for you and your business.

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